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I’ve been selected as a coach for the Alberta Games by my Provincial Sport Association. Now what do I do?

  • Look for an Alberta Games registration office follow-up e-mail to confirm your personal information when you’re confirmed by your sport’s Provincial Sport Coordinator in the Games database.

  • Contact your Provincial Sport Coordinator to answer any specific sport questions pertaining to the Games event, and to access a roster of your Zone team if you don’t have one.

  • Check out Technical package is under “Sport Information” on the Games website.

Where do I find information about what’s happening at the Games?

  • Check out

  • Visit the Host community web site for information for spectators or visitors, including ticket information, hotel accommodation and the program of cultural activities.

  • Contact your Zone Chef de Mission about the Games.

  • Refer to the Participant Handbook or the information you receive from the Sport Conference Call prior to the Games.

Who is the Zone Chef de Mission?

  • Zone Chef de Mission is the ‘team leader’ of your Zone, and is the liaison between Alberta Games participants (athletes, coaches and chaperones) and the Host Community volunteers. The Zone Chef will help trouble-shoot any problems your team may have, or deal with any zone disciplinary situations.

  • Zone Chef will contact you sometime between the Games registration deadline and prior to attending the Games.

  • Zone Chef will have a plan to distribute the Alberta Sport Connection Zone ID to teams.

  • E-mail and phone number for each Chef de Mission at under Contacts.

What is a Sport Conference Call, and why should I be a part of this?

  • The Sport Conference Call is a sport-specific, evening telephone meeting of about 2 hours held about 1 ½  weeks before the Games to assist Coaches to prepare for the Games.

  • Information regarding the Participant Handbooks for your team, transportation information, Host community details, sport-specific information, and additional Games information will be discussed.

  • Coaches will be able to ask questions of the Host Sport Chair, the Provincial Sport Coordinator, the Head technical official and the Alberta Sport Connection during this meeting

  • Sport Conference Calls will be coordinated by the Alberta Sport Connection and your Provincial Sport Coordinator

What’s the first thing I need to do to prepare before going to the Games? Who should I talk to?

  • Contact your Provincial Sport Coordinator to get information (eg. if you haven’t been involved in the final Zone team roster, or seen a copy of your sport schedule).

  • Call in to the Sport Conference Call as directed, and review your team roster and sport schedule

  • Collect the Zone ID from your Zone Chef de Mission following the Conference Call, and distribute that and any other information to your Zone team athletes and chaperones before they depart for the Games.

  • Participant Handbook reviewed during the Sport Conference Call contains information for you and your chaperones and athletes before and during the Games.

  • Visit and be sure to review the Code of Conduct found in the Participant Handbook.

  • Lastly, contact your Zone Chef de Mission if you have any problems.

What options do I have to get to the Games?

  • Coaches/chaperones should make plans to travel to the Alberta Games with their Zone team on the motor coaches arranged by the Alberta Games (if you live more than 100km from the Host community). If you’re closer than 100km, you’ll have to arrange your own transportation to the Games.

  • If your Zone team wishes to travel together to the Games, be sure this is indicated on the Zone team roster completed by you or your Provincial Sport Coordinator.

  • Confirmation of your assigned bus to and from the Games will come from the Alberta Games registration office. Check with your Zone chef regarding the list of participants on your bus, as well as the departure times and location of your pick up and drop off point.

When do I have to be at the Games?

  • Arrive at the Games before in-person registration centre closes on Thursday at 4:00pm.

Arrived at the Games, what now?

  • First, visit in-person registration to receive your Games accreditation, and verify your Zone team roster. If your sport has equipment on-board the motor coach that needs to be secured or stored (e.g. football bags, bikes, rifles, skis, bows, etc.) determine where to find that service.

  • Didn’t travel with your team? Then either wait for your team to arrive at registration, or meet them at your designated Athlete Village. Find the internal bus schedule and use the internal transportation to move your team to the Food Centre to have your first meal of the Games.

  • Internal buses usually make a loop around the community on a regular schedule, and will stop at each of Athlete Villages, the sport venues and the Food Centre.

What happens during the 4 days of the Alberta Games?

Day One

  • Thursday is a travel and arrival day for Games participants

  • Participants will arrive at the Host community, get their accreditation at a Registration Centre, and check-in at their Athletes Village. Participants will be bussed to supper before attending the Opening Ceremonies on Thursday evening.

Day Two, Three & Four – Friday, Saturday & Sunday

  • Get your Zone team to breakfast, and then on to your competition using Host’s internal transportation (depending on your sport’s schedule).

  • Breakfast and dinner will be served at a main Food Centre during the Alberta Games.

  • Lunch plans on Friday and Saturday will be discussed during your Sport Conference Call.

  • Check your sport’s schedule to determine when you’ll be able to visit the Food Centre for supper on Friday and Saturday. Host community holds an Athlete Social event and Coaches/Officials Reception on Saturday evening from 7:00-10:00pm

  • Most sports will hold medal matches/finals on Sunday morning following check-out from the Athlete Villages. When sports are completed on Sunday, participants will gather (usually at the Food Centre) for the Alberta Games Closing Awards presentation in the early afternoon

  • Participants will board home-bound buses (or get in cars) and depart the Games community following Closing Awards.

What are my responsibilities as a Coach at the Games?

  • Develop a daily plan for your team or athletes.

  • Refer to the Host’s internal transportation plan to determine when your athletes should be departing the Athlete Village for meals, and arriving at their Games competition venue.

  • Conduct/behaviour of your athletes is your, and/or your chaperones, responsibility. Athletes’ Village curfew is 11:00pm.

  • Are you a Head Coach? Plan to call in to the Sport Conference Call prior to the Games to discuss the details of your event at the Games. Discuss any additional sport responsibilities with the Provincial Sport Coordinator or Head sport officials.

Where do I and my team stay while I’m at the Games?

  • Games participants (athletes, coaches and chaperones) stay in local schools, called an 'Athletes’ Village'.

  • Male and female Athletes Villages are separate. 

  • Each Zone team assigned 1 or 2 classrooms within each Village depending on the size of your team. 

  • Mattress will be provided, but bring your own sleeping bag and pillow.

What is the process at the Athletes’ Village, and what is allowed?

  • All participants (athletes, coaches and chaperones) are required to stay in the Athlete Village for the 3 nights of the Games

  • Curfew of 11:00pm is set for all Games participants.

  • Only accredited participants are allowed in the appropriate Villages. Food and drinks are not allowed in the housing rooms at the Athlete Villages.

  • All participants must check-out of their Athlete Village on Sunday morning, (all luggage must be taken to a secure storage area) prior to competition and departure.

What is the role of the chaperone(s) of my Zone team?

  • Some sports have assigned chaperones.

  • Chaperones assist in helping the coaches manage their athletes’ activities and behaviour during Games.

  • Chaperones must also stay in the Athletes Villages and follow the same rules as other Games participants.


What can I expect if I’m coaching a team of a different gender?

  • Male coaches of female teams (or vice versa) are housed in separate Athlete Villages with coaching staff from their Zone.

If I have any sport competition concerns or a problem at the Games, what should I do?

  • Along with each Sport Chair, Provincial Sport Coordinator and Head Technical Official, Head Coaches will call in to a Sport Conference Call about 1 ½ weeks prior to the Games to review details of their sport in the Games.

  • Discuss sport issues (review of rules, sport schedule, etc) at this meeting.

  • At the Games, if you need to lodge a protest in your sport? - inform the Zone Chef de Mission of your planned actions.

  • And, while you’re at the Games, if you have a problem with a service offered by the Host community? - Please contact your Zone Chef de Mission.

Where can I find Alberta Games results?

If one of my athletes becomes sick, or is injured at the Games, what can I expect to happen?

  • Medical staff available at each Games venue to assess and determine the extent of an injury or illness.

  • On-call medical staff at Athlete Villages.

  • Injured or ill participants may be further diagnosed or treated at the Games Polyclinic.

  • Injury or illness more severe? - Athlete will be transported to the local hospital for treatment and assessment.

  • Zone Chef will be available to assist you or parents/guardians with this situation.

When can I leave the Alberta Games?

  • Participants (coaches, chaperones and athletes) are required to stay in the Athlete Village on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Participants may depart via personal transportation following check-out from the Athlete Village on Sunday.

  • Participants with no competition on Sunday should watch other sports and attend the Closing Awards presentation.

What can I expect after the Alberta Games?

  • Participants can expect to receive an Alberta Games on-line evaluation following the Games.

  • Contact your Provincial Sport Coordinator for any required feedback to your Provincial Sport Association.